Global Board Leadership Masterclass

- An entirely case-based Masterclass

- Catered to board members and C-suite executives

- Focused on value creation and board leadership

- Faculty of 110 board chairs, professors and advisors

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- Authorized by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

For Financial Board members

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The CBS Board
Leadership Program

This leading Program is at the frontline of developing the field of board leadership in Denmark. Focusing on value creation in the boardroom, the program presents a 360° perspective on board leadership and corporate governance as well as its related issues, management tasks and processes.

Leadership Masterclass

The purpose of the Board Leadership Masterclass is to enhance the practice of board leadership and corporate governance in publicly traded companies. The Masterclass is built around empirical case studies focusing on value creation, strategy and board leadership by the board.

Board Work
in High-growth SME

Small and medium-sized companies are faced with rapidly changing business landscapes.

This essential course provides board members and business owners the basic knowledge and tools to manage important tasks and challenges in the boardroom of small and medium-sized companies.

Blue Board
Leadership Programme

The purpose of The Blue Board Leadership Programme is to improve the competencies of future and present ‘blue’ board members’ in handling challenges such as those mentioned above with exceptional strength and board management skills


The CBS Board Leadership Education provides in depth knowledge of todays rapidly changing business environment and equips participants with the skills and tools that sharpen their board leadership competencies. Participants will be inspired and challenged by experienced professors and board chairs through case-based teaching and open dialogue.
Since its inception in the summer of 2013, the CBS Board Leadership Education has completed 125 board programs in 700 program days and has had 2100 case sessions attended by more than 3800 board members, C-suite executives, investors and business owners. The faculty consists of experienced board chairs, directors, advisors and professors.
CBS Board Leadership Education uses a peer-to-peer oriented teaching format, where board directors and senior executives share experiences and knowledge led by a faculty team of professors and boardroom leaders. The faculty sets the stage for the session in question by introducing the theme/topic and by forwarding the case-discussion respectively the moderated presentation or the moderated panel discussion that is to follow the overall introduction to the session. Thus, creating a learning experience in the classroom setting with a 360-degree view on corporate governance and board leadership practices, and on the related issues and dilemmas faced by board of directors of global corporations.
At this point, most programmes CBS Board Leadership Education are in Danish. Participants should be able to speak and understand Danish in a level, which ensures a valuable teaching experience. However, some programmes are in Engelsk; among others Boardwork and Corporate Governance for Fintech Startups og Boardwork, Corporate Governance for Life Science Startups and The Blue Board Leadership Programme.
CBS Board Leadership Education provides a 360 degree perspective of the board’s tasks, responsibilities and dilemmas


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