Board Education for International VL-members

August 2023 – August 2024


At the request of several international VL-members, CBS Board Education have developed an education that is specifically designed for Danes residing abroad. The purpose of the education is to provide potential and current Danish board members residing abroad with updated and necessary knowledge and experience with important tasks, issues, and challenges which a board member encounters in a Danish, Nordic, or international context.

Board work in an international context necessitates a broader and deeper understanding of the various regulatory, business and economic differences inherent in how companies create value for owners and other stakeholders. The board education for VL-members residing abroad combines experience-based practice from the boardrooms with research-based knowledge. Studies show that companies working professionally with the board and management make better decisions and promote value creation. Participants are inspired and challenged by professors and leading board capacities in case discussions about the most important tasks, decisions, and dilemmas of the board.

The participants will sharpen their skills and knowledge of the role of the Board of Directors, tools for the overall management of companies and training in the crucial interaction in the Board of Directors and with the Executive Board. Companies with a professional board are more development-oriented and experience more growth. But there are also exceptions – an external board is not in itself a guarantee of growth and development. This requires that the owners and the board have knowledge and understanding of how to focus on the value-creating board work.

The education has been developed by CBS Board Education in collaboration with The Danish Management Society in dialogue with experienced partners in the authorized audit partner company EY and the law firm Kromann Reumert.

Impact and outcome

  • Overview of the tasks and issues of the board
  • Concrete tools and competencies for professional board work
  • Exchange of experience and dialogue on “What do Boards do, what should Boards be doing” based on a number of real-life cases
  • Inspiration from experienced board members / chairmen, CBS professors and advisors in Danish and international business communities
  • Training of the interaction in the Board of Directors, as well as between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board

Participant profile

The programme primarily applies to all Danish business leaders residing abroad, who have the ambition to work professionally with board work in an international context. The board education is aimed at current and future board members who either have limited experience with board work or are looking for tools and knowledge about more value-creating board work, as well as owners, who are considering the establishment of an external board, or who can see an opportunity for developing the current board work.

Teaching approach

All topics are built around experience-based cases and the participants work with “real” issues and dilemmas from the boardrooms of Danish and international companies. The dialogue with CBS professors and chairmen of the board provides the participants with unique training in handling the board’s most challenging tasks and decision-making situations – before meeting with them in practice. Moreover, frames of reference and theory are tested, and experience is put into perspective. Teaching and case sessions in groups and plenary are facilitated by CBS professors, experienced board members and advisors from Kromann Reumert and EY.

In addition to the academic aspects, focus will also be placed on creating networks and relationships across the team and in the company of Danish board members and business leaders from the Danish business community according to the CBS Board Education. In preparation, it is recommended that you have read the proposed cases and any supplementary literature before the teaching day.

As part of the education, two exams will take place – a group homework assignment, which you work with individually and in the group. Each group will present their overall result in “plenary” at module 2 on October 5, 2022. There will be groupwork between module 1 and 2 (via Zoom). Furthermore, there is an individual exam assignment to be submitted on May 1st, 2023. All participants passing the exam will receive the CBS Board Leadership Education Exam Certificate.

Time and place

The teaching will consist of a total of 10 teaching days, where 6 days are physical education at CBS Board Education (Frederiksberg, Copenhagen) and 4 days will be virtual teaching via Zoom. CBS Board Education has completed over 40 virtual teaching days and over 200 hybrid teaching days since spring 2020 up to and including March 2022.

There is always an opportunity to follow the educations virtually (in a hybrid format), as CBS Board Education have developed significant technological and educational skills within hybrid teaching. Today, our classrooms and group rooms are provided with large screens, 4K cameras, electronic whiteboards and professional microphones, etc., and are considered to be some of the most advanced in Denmark. We use Zoom as our platform, as do 500,000 other companies around the world.

  • Dates

    Board work for International VL-members takes place over 10 days:

    Day 1: Thursday, 10 August, 2023 (09.00-17.00) / Networking + informal dinner (17.00-20.00)
    Day 2:
    Friday, 11 August, 2023 (09.00-18.00) / Mini-reception and networking
    Location: CBS Board Education, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

    Day 3: Thursday, October 5, 2023 (9.30-16.00)
    Day 4: Friday, October 6, 2023 (9.30-16.00)
    Virtually via Zoom

    Day 5: Monday, 18 December, 2023 (09.00-17.00) / Academic presentation and Networking with tapas (17.00-20.00)
    Day 6:
    Tuesday, 19 December, 2023 (09.00-17.00) / Mini-reception and networking
    Location: CBS Board Education, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

    Day 7: Thursday, March 21, 2024 (9.30-16.00)
    Day 8:
    Friday, March 22, 2024 (9.30-16.00)
    Virtually via Zoom

    Day 9: Monday, 12 August, 2024 (09.00-17.30) / Mini-reception and networking
    Day 10: Tuesday, 13 August, 2024 (09.00-17.30) / Tapas at high tables, champagne and presentation of diploma (17.30-19.00)
    Location: CBS Board Education, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Location

    Copenhagen Business School, CBS Board Education, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

    Virtually via Zoom

  • Price

    75.000 DKK including materials and catering.

    * VAT according to current rules.