Autumn 2017

Purpose and Impact

Board duties have grown in scope, complexity and significance in today’s business landscape. The scope of regulation and compliance targeted towards financial institutions, has placed higher demands on the Board’s capabilities and leadership. Prioritizing strategic development and value creation while adhering to compliance and regulation is a difficult balancing act for the chairmanship and boards of financial institutions. Furthermore, boards are facing increased demands to align with shareholders and to prioritize ESG goals.

The aim of the Board Leadership Course in Financial Institutions is to give board members the tools and knowledge they need to make sound decisions on their company’s overall direction and performance as well as to mitigate risk and manage roadblocks. It is the duty of the chairmanship to ensure that the Board’s composition, competencies and processes are aligned with the organization’s current situation and strategy moving forward. Moreover, the Board’s interaction and collaboration with the Executive Management Team is essential for tackling the challenges that financial institutions are currently facing.

Curriculum and Approach

Participants are given a unique insight into the board’s most challenging tasks and dilemmas in critical situations and are given the tools to tackle them. The program is based on empirical cases from real-life boardroom scenarios and it encourages dialogue and discussion with the faculty of professors, chairmen and senior executives and advisors of financial institutions. Participants will sharpen their knowledge and expertise in the context of Board practices and use the tools acquired in carrying out their overall responsibilities, including ensuring value creation, updated risk management processes and compliance procedures.

The Board Leadership Course in Financial Institutions gives an overview of the role of the Board, with a strong emphasis on the chairmanship’s tasks and working processes, along with the Boards special obligations in companies within the financial service sector. Synergies between research and practical boardroom experience is crucial in order to provide a unique learning environment. The exam consists of boardroom simulation, broken down into two parts; an individually written preparation before the meeting as well as on the formal execution of the board meeting (the exam is optional).

  • Dates

    Autumn 2017

  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    40,000 DKK – excl. VAT

    The exam is optional for an additional 6,000 DKK – excl. VAT