The CBS Board Leadership Program

Purpose and Impact

The CBS Board Leadership Program is at the frontline of corporate governance and board leadership practice, in Denmark and internationally. Taught by 12 professors, 22 chairs and 18 senior advisors, the Program provides a 360° approach to the key responsibilities, tasks, issues and working relations of the board. Featuring 48 case sessions, the participants are challenged on all aspects of board work and learn from the wealth of experience brought to the table by the faculty in presentations, case discussions and keynote summaries on each topic.

The CBS Board Leadership Program is missioned to impact and enhance board leadership practices and value creation across industries and ownership structures in the Danish business world. More than 320 directors, C-suite executives and investors have, as of now, participated in the biannual 16-day Program.

Curriculum and Approach

Led by world-class faculty of experienced chairs, professors and advisors, the Program employs a significant number of empirical cases from the Danish business community. Case-based discussions in groups and in plenary sessions are facilitated by professors, experienced directors and advisors from Kromann Reumert and EY.

The pedagogical principle, reflection and learning is based on practical experience and research-based knowledge. The classes are all in Danish, with most of the cases being in Danish as well. The program concludes with an examination whereby the participants prepare and conduct board meetings in five different case scenarios. The board meetings are recorded and overseen by five experienced chairs and professors who evaluate each participants performance, based on both the board meeting itself as well as on how well the individual prepared for the meeting.


The CBS Board Leadership Program is headed up by Tom Jacobsgaard (Executive Director of the CBS Board Leadership Education) and Steen Thomsen (Professor at the Centre for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School) along with the Programs’ renowned faculty consisting of 12 professors from Copenhagen Business School, 20 experienced chairmen and members from different organizations as well as 18 advisors from EY and Kromann Reumert.

  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    The total price is 90.000,- DKK exl. moms