Børsen Board Education

2022-1: 28. march to 24. may 2022
2022-2: 28. september to 1st of december 2022


CBS Board Leadership Educations are in collaboration with Børsen Uddannelse to offer a joint board education.

Børsens Bestyrelsesuddannelse is a 6-day program that gives participants an overview of the board’s most important tasks, how the board creates value for the company and owners, other stakeholders and society as a whole through practices of a number of challenging decision situations as well as gives participants the latest knowledge in the field.

Participants will be taught, inspired and challenged by the CBS Board Leadership Education’s faculty, including five professors and 20 business leaders, as well as board advisors. Editor-in-Chief, Bjarne Corydon, and Editor-in-Chief, Niels Lunde.

Børsens Bestyrelsesuddannelse gives participants insight into what is happening within the Danish business community as well as the role, tasks and responsibilities of the board of directors. Together with Børsen Uddannelse, there will be a focus on the board’s important tasks and the challenging decision-making situations that board members may face. The collaboration with Børsen contributes with, among other things, the resources that the daily newspaper has on the editorial board. The exchange will aid in cases based on current situations and input for subsequent discussions. The academic method will be supplemented by the journalistic method.

  • Dates

    Børsens Board Education 2022-1 takes place from 24. of March – 24. og May 2022.

    All days are from 9.00 to about 17.00.

    Day 1 & 2: 24. & 25. of Marcs 2022
    Day 3 & 4: 19. & 20. of April 2022
    Day 5 & 6: 23. & 24. of May 2022

    Børsens Board Education 2022-2 takes place from 28. of september – 1st of december 2022.

    Day 1 & 2: d. 28. og d. 29. september 2022
    Day 3 & 4: d. 26. og d. 27. oktober 2022
    Day 5 & 6: d. 30. og d. 1. december 2022

  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    55.000,- DKK exl. moms.