Bank and Mortagage Credit Institutions:
Spring 2020: Day 1 & 2: 9 – 10 June | Day 3 & 4: 12 – 13 August | Day 5: 1 September

Pension Funds and Insurance Companies:
Fall 2020: Day 1 & 2: 9 – 10 September | Day 3 & 4: 3 – 4 November | Day 5: 25 November

Purpose & Impact

The CBS Board Leadership Education is now introducing Foundation Courses specifically for board members of financial institutions, as required by Finanstilsynet (Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) for all new board members. The Foundation Courses are targeted toward non-executive board members and chairs with 0-3 years’ experience. They are presented with up-to-date knowledge and insight about the overall regulations and legal requirements of financial institutions, in order to push further the boundaries of corporate governance practices in the financial sector. The Foundation Courses chiefly apply to banks and mortgage lenders as well as to pension funds and insurance companies respectively, as it unites the legal frameworks with research-based knowledge and experience from boardrooms.

Curriculum & Approach

Each Foundation Course consists of five classroom days, spread over three – six months. The programs give an overview of the Board’s main tasks and issues as well as insight into the Board’s role and interaction with owners, stakeholders and management. The Foundation Courses impart the basic knowledge needed to inexperienced non-executive directors, allowing them to understand the most critical competencies and obligations in terms of their responsibilities, compliance and the law. The emphasis is on the interdisciplinary and holistic understanding of board work practices as well as on the legal framework and social conditions for the Board’s work in value creation, strategy and risk management.

The pedagogical method is a combination of lectures and case-based discussions, with minimal assignments for participants to complete at home. The emphasis of the programs is firmly on active participation and engagement to ensure a fruitful experience for both participants and faculty.

On the final day of the course, the curriculum is brought together by cross-disciplinary case discussions. One case will have a specific focus on the new regulations (known as Basel III) that specifically target SIFIs, for example, regulations to increase bank capital requirements and to introduce capital surcharges for systemically important banks. Another case will focus on recovery plans, crisis management and the purpose and technicalities related to the Danish bank packages. In regards to Pension Funds, several cases will focus on the challenges and risks derived from the low interest regime, leading to an increase in alternative investments.


  • Day 1: Legal Framework, Regulation and Corporate Governance
  • Day 2: Risks and Risk Management
  • Day 3: Solvency and Capital
  • Day 4: Financial Reporting, Auditing and Compliance
  • Day 5: Board Work in Practice
  • Dates


    • Day 1: 9 June, 2020
    • Day 2: 10 June, 2020
    • Day 3: 12 August, 2020
    • Day 4: 13 August, 2020
    • Day 5: 1 September, 2020


    • Day 1: 9 September, 2020
    • Day 2: 10 September, 2020
    • Day 3: 3 November, 2020
    • Day 4: 4 November, 2020
    • Day 5: 25 November, 2020
  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    35,000 DKK – excl. VAT