Introduction to Board Work

– for current and future municipal council and regional council members
New dates for 2022 TBA.

Introduction to Boardwork 

Following a municipal and regional election – next election in November 2021 – there will be a number of board positions in both municipalities and regions to be filled in connection with the municipal and regional constitution, for instance, utility companies, theatre, sports, education and various cooperation entities between region, state and municipalities, as well as in the field of traffic, health and business promotion.

The course, which was created in a collaboration between KL, Danish Regions and CBS Board Educations, is about what the board work entails, thereby helping to increase interest in board work among all future elected representatives, increase the quality of board work, – and thus improve the recruitment base to and the diversity of the boards.

The course will thus focus on the value of diversity in the boardroom and increase awareness of what the work of the board entails. There are several reasons for this:

  • Value creation is getting better – it is by now well documented that the financial bottom line is improved with female representation in management and in the boardroom.
  • The work of the board becomes more dynamic, and decisions are made on a broader basis when the board has greater diversity.
  • Municipalities and regions must reflect society as a whole in the board positions and board work.
  • Visibility of the board work can help to attract new candidates to local councils and regional councils.
  • An active effort for increased diversity can prevent possible key interventions in advance.
  • Training of board members creates general professionalisation and better decisions and governance in companies and institutions.


The overall message to the potential board members who are considering attending the course is that participation in boards – also in municipal and regional contexts – is the key to networking, development and influence:

  • NETWORK – both with politicians from other municipalities and regions, representatives from the business community, interest organizations, etc., which can be useful both in a further (municipal and regional) political and business career.
  • DEVELOPMENT – of own competencies, for instance in relation to accounting insight, knowledge of business operations, knowledge of environmental initiatives, participation in relevant continuing education, etc.
  • INFLUENCE – the boards play a key role in society, for instance, the municipal supply sector and public transport play key roles in the green transition, just as the culture and leisure area as part of civil society has shown its importance during the COVID-19 closure. These are such key areas that they should be characterised by as broad experience and interests as possible.

This introductory course is based on the Board Educations’ extensive experience with case-based teaching for current and potential board members in many contexts, including specialized courses aimed at the supply sector, labour market pensions, the financial sector, funds, etc.

The participants get the opportunity to discuss the board’s tasks, dilemmas and decision situations. The participants gain insight into how the role as a board member can be handled, including which issues one must pay special attention to, for instance regarding roles, impartiality and company interests, etc.

It is important to emphasize that with a two-day course, it can be difficult to get around all relevant topics, and a prioritisation of the most relevant themes has therefore been made.

Profile of Participants

The course is aimed at municipal board members and regional council members who are running for re-election or want a seat on a company board. It is also relevant for candidates running for local and regional councils. In particular, the course is aimed at female politicians and candidates or belonging to ethnic minorities, young people or politicians and candidates with short or no higher education.

  • Dates

    Thursday 19. of August 2021 / 09:00 – 19:00
    Friday 20. of August 2021 / 09:00 – 17.00

    Dates for 2022 TBA.

  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    1.000,- DKK exl. moms