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The purpose of Board work in Pension Funds is to give local politicians on these boards a solid basis for the work in the boardroom and how to develop and operate efficiently. Both in the case of joint-stock companies, 60-companies and other company forms. The boards have an important role in ensuring well-run companies that can live up to the owners’ purpose with the company.

Board members must for instance handle owners wishes, lead large organizations with many employees and keep an eye on customer needs at the same time. The course is being taught on the learnings of precisely the situations and dilemmas that politicians on the board of these companies will come into contact with. The course is built around dilemmas and cases from the real world scenarios and has been developed in collaboration with KL.


The benefits of the course will be a greater understanding of the dilemmas participants may face as a local politician on the board – whether you are a new or experienced board member.

Profile of Participants

The course is for anyone who has the ambition to work professionally with board work in the utilities sector.


  • Board responsibilities, impartiality, the legal framework and regulation of utilities
  • Active ownership and dilemmas or tension between owner, authority and customers
  • Planning and organization of the board’s work – annual cycles, agendas, confidentiality, etc.
  • Strategy and the role of the board in the strategy process
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the company’s valuation
  • The board of directors’ responsibilities and role in connection with divestments, mergers and acquisitions of companies


The course consists of two modules spread across three days:

  • Day 1 focuses on the regulatory framework, corporate governance, ownership and ownership strategy, stakeholders, board responsibilities, mergers and acquisitions and cyber risks.
  • Day 2 focuses on active ownership, CSR, division of labour and interaction with the executive board, board meetings and board evaluation
  • Day 3 focuses on strategy, execution and follow-up, risk management, value creation, impartiality and managing the company’s interest in the field of tension.
  • Dates

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  • Location

    CBS Executive, Porcelaenshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg

  • Price

    18,000 DKK – excl. VAT